Finding Your Missional Voice

What if God is up to something big and global, but it can only be discovered through the small and local? That’s the question that Missional Voices sets out to explore each year. Based on key learnings from the 2017 National Gathering, this webinar will discuss ways that congregations can begin to think about engaging their local contexts. Presenters will focus on theological, contextual, and incarnational discernment of God’s mission.

This webinar is designed for lay leaders, clergy, seminarians, and anyone who is interested in thinking creatively about mission and ministry in their neighborhood.

Presented by the Rev. Alan Bentrup, co-founder of Missional Voices and a curate at St. Mary’s in Cypress, Texas. Alan will be joined by presenters and participants from the 2017 Missional Voices National Gathering.

PowerPoint slides for this webinar are available here.
Additional resources are available here.