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November 2014

Why Share Stories?

"We become disciples through story-keeping, story-sharing, and story-making." Julie Lytle offers a theological framework for storytelling. Also in Spanish. More

November 2014

Collecting Our Stories

Dan Handschy shares how members of Church of the Advent are discovering common connections through their stories. Also in Spanish. More

November 2014

Newcomer Profiles

“I’m here and this is why I REALLY like this church.” Ken Howard shares the process Church of the Redeemer uses to collect and share stories from newcomers. Also in Spa… More

November 2014

Weaving Story Into All We Do

Warmth, friendliness, and joy. Lucy Owens describes how sharing stories is a powerful way to express this commitment and connection in Grace-St. Luke's communications. More

Vital Posts Blog

  • Listening Campaign
    Posted by Linda Buskirk on Nov. 24, 2014
    It may seem odd to think about listening as a way to engage more people in the life of your congregation. We are used to teaching, preaching, singing, worshiping, setting up web sites…
  • Using the Internet to Help People Pray
    Posted by Jamie Coats on Nov. 21, 2014
    Our phones, we love them and we hate them. Can we pray with them? I work for the Brothers of the Society of Saint the Evangelist who in their Rule of Life talk about being “Men …


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