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October 2016

Being One with God

Wilmot T. Merchant II and Sally Davis shares us how St. Stephen’s shared understanding of what God is calling them to do has helped the parish to grow. More

October 2016

Building a Legacy

Demi Prentiss shares the story of how a smaller church, made smaller by a church split, found a way to build a legacy for future generations. More

octubre 2016

La mayordomía es un estilo de vida

El Padre José Ortez nos dice que la mayordomía tiene mucho más que ver con el corazón y la renovación que con el dinero. Also in English. More

October 2016

Building Our Trellis

Celeste Ventura invites us to explore our own financial trellis, and provides a framework for starting a conversation among members of your church. More

Vital Posts Blog

  • The Need for Connection
    Posted by Mike Chalk on Oct. 20, 2016
    The leadership of a congregation is responsible for creating a vision, that is, developing a plan that enables the church to respond to the future in a creative manner. Given all the …
  • Vital Practices Digest: 5 Vestry Retreat Resources
    Posted by Brendon Hunter on Oct. 19, 2016
    In the October Vital Practices Digest, we offer 5 resources for planning a spirit-filled retreat for your vestry or other leadership team, with the 5th a resource to help establi…


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