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November 2015

Managing Resources, Part I

Nancy Davidge and Susan Elliott offer a broad look at the vestry’s role in financial management, including budgeting and the importance of sound business practices. More

November 2015

Shared Calendar = Less Conflict

Does another organization or group use your space? Ann Mellow identifies several key areas where coordinating calendars can minimize misunderstandings and conflict. More

November 2015

Supporting First Responders

Churches can be an major asset for communities and first responders. Bruce Barnes shares how Church of the Redeemer quickly opened a cooling shelter during a large fire. More

Noviembre 2015

Recorrer la senda de las relaciones

Sarabeth Goodwin nos habla sobre como su congregación comenzó un ministerio en español, los obstáculos que ha enfrentado y los éxitos que ha logrado. More

Vital Posts Blog

  • Uncomfortable Realities and Hope
    Posted by Jeremiah Sierra on Nov. 30, 2015
    This Sunday we began Advent with the usual apocalyptic lectionary readings. Jesus says, “There will be signs in the sun, the moon, and the stars, and on the earth distress among nat…
  • An Annual Gathering Of Disciples, More Than An Annual ‘Meeting’
    Posted by Greg Syler on Nov. 25, 2015
    My memories are probably very slanted because even as a boy I was a pretty serious church nerd, but I remember how much I looked forward to one of the latter Sundays in January. Lots …


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