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October 2014

God’s Economy

Jamie Coats invites us to consider stewardship as an opportunity to deepen our relationships with God. More

October 2014

Lessons from Fundraising Volunteers

Erin Weber-Johnson shares five of the top lessons from congregations engaged in fundraising. More

October 2014

An Experiment: Year Round Stewardsh

Ken Howard outlines the process St. Nicholas adopted when they ended their annual giving campaign as part their year-round stewardship experiment. More

October 2014

Stone Soup

How can we be open to changes that come with collaboration? Karen Hunter uses this familiar folktale as a way to illustrate this process. More

Vital Posts Blog

  • All Hallow's Eve
    Posted by Greg Syler on Oct. 22, 2014
    Oversized spiders hanging on front porches and cobwebs strewn across shopping aisles remind me that Halloween is just around the corner. I’ve never been a big fan of this holiday, m…
  • Civil Discourse
    Posted by Richelle Thompson on Oct. 21, 2014
    The shrill, my-opinion-is-the-only-opinion way of talking, isn't working.  As a society at large and in the wider church as well as our local congregations, we too often divide in…


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