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January 2015

Leadership in Community

Being part of a church community comes with its unique challenges. Geoffry Tristam explores the theology behind being together in Christian community. More

January 2015

On Being a Senior Warden

Robert Harris shares some of his wisdom as a senior warden in 2 different congregations, including clergy transition and the importance of respect and trust. More

January 2015

The Gifts of Holy Imagination

Sometimes we get stuck in our thinking. Miguel Escobar introduces the generative leadership model to create an environment in which new strategies are able to emerge. More

January 2015

Lift Every Voice

Anna Olson shares some strategies to help every vestry member become more comfortable about adding their voice to the conversation or discussion. (Also in Spanish) More

Vital Posts Blog

  • Really, Prayers Of The People
    Posted by Greg Syler on Jan. 28, 2015
    It happens just often enough to remind me of the power of prayer, that moment when in the course of a Sunday liturgy someone or even a few people give voice to real, heartfelt, genuin…
  • Going Cold Turkey
    Posted by Richelle Thompson on Jan. 27, 2015
    Is your congregation ready to quit smoking? Eating badly? Overspending? Is the church ready to stop being a club instead of a mission station? Is it willing to embrace newcomers…


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