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May 2016

Clergy Transition: Tips for Wardens

Anne Rudacille Schmidt shares strategies her vestry used to navigate their clergy transition. More

May 2016

Part Time ≠ Less Than

Many congregations may associate moving to part time clergy a ‘failure,' but Cathie Caimano suggests reframing the conversation. More

Mayo 2016

Un puente para el cambio

Carmen Guerrero comparte su historia de cómo aprendió a ver que Dios la estaba llamando a cambiar mientras respondía a varios llamados al ministerio. Also in English. More

May 2016

Navigation Aids

Randy Ferebee invites us to consider three pathways for building relationships and networks. More

Vital Posts Blog

  • Are We the Church of Jesus?
    Posted by Tracy Johnson Russell on May. 26, 2016
    “It is not enough that we love God. It is not enough that we love one another. We must also love the world for whom Christ died.” George Bernard Shaw once wrote: “If s…
  • Piano-Strings Evangelism
    Posted by Richelle Thompson on May. 25, 2016
    Festival season is gearing up, and hopefully congregations are spending some serious creative time thinking about how to make the most of these evangelism opportunities. St. Jam…


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