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August 2014

Shared Leadership

Beckett Stokes shares how several small congregations in the Diocese of Colorado are growing and thriving as a result of their adoption of a shared leadership model. More

August 2014

Becoming/ Continuing/ Expanding

Nancy Davidge tells the story of how a revitalized congregation's lay led ‘centers of creativity’ are restoring the church both literally and figuratively. More

August 2014

Small Groups, Big Impact

What difference can one person make? John Adler shares how by using small groups, Iona-Hope is impacting not only life inside the church but also in their wider community. More

August 2014

Pooling Resources

4 small churches, 4 different denomniations, 3 sharing a pastor. Nancy Davidge shares how they have found new energy by working and occasionally worshipping together. More

Vital Posts Blog

  • Let's Talk Stewardship
    Posted by Brendon Hunter on Aug. 20, 2014
    Ideas to get your stewardship campaign off the ground.  The approach of fall brings the start of a new program year – and the start of what is often called ‘stewardship season.…
  • Thoughts on Ferguson
    Posted by Anna Olson on Aug. 20, 2014
    I grew up on the line between black and white in St. Louis County. Michael Brown was killed less than ten miles from my childhood home. Although I haven’t lived in St. Louis…


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