Toolkits for Ministry

A collection of carefully curated toolkits with resources on ministry topics.

At ECF Vital Practices our goal is always to bring you the most impactful resources for your ministry. We have often heard from our community that the sheer volume of resources on our website makes it hard to know where to begin, and the process to identify that can be somewhat overwhelming.

To address this, we are launching a new way to access our best resources on any given ministry topic in one place. This is a curated collection of our top-tier resources on your most-searched topics, all consolidated on one accessible and comprehensive platform. You don’t have to search for the best resources anymore because we’ve found them all and compiled them for you. Welcome to Toolkits for Ministry.

Just like a carefully crafted mini course, each Toolkit on our website offers an enriching experience by bringing together a thoughtfully designed selection of materials. Delve into our curated toolkits, and you'll find articles that spark new ideas, videos that inspire, tools and activities that engage, and discussion questions that foster meaningful dialogue. With each toolkit showcasing precisely ten items, we ensure that you receive a well-rounded and immersive learning encounter on your chosen subject.

By providing these carefully curated toolkits, we aim to support your growth, facilitate your leadership, and deepen your impact on the communities you serve. Whether you're exploring the basics of communications, exploring community engagement, or seeking insights into congregational development, our Toolkits for Ministry are here to simplify your search and support your journey.

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All Toolkits

  • Image Approaching Change 10 resources that explore the concept of change and help congregations navigate change.
  • Image Communications The essentials of communications in a church context.
  • Image Congregational Vitality Curated resources that explore some of what makes a congregation vital.
  • Image Holy Budgeting Church leaders and volunteers do not need to be CPAs to create sound and spirit-guided financial tools.
  • Image Stewardship 10 resources explaining and exploring stewardship in the Episcopal Church.
  • Image Vestry Our best resources on what a vestry is and what it does.