Do I have to register to access the site?
Registering with ECF Vital Practices allows readers to participate in the social networking components of this website. Registered users can post comments, upload resources, and participate in live chat sessions. You will also receive email updates highlighting fresh content from this website. However, you do not have to register if you simply want to read the content on any of the sections of this website. Check out the Registration Agreement for more details.

Do I have to be logged in to comment?

Will everyone see my e-mail address?
No, we will never show your email address on the website. If you provide the name of your church/organization during registration, this will be included when you submit questions/comments in a live chat.

Can I delete a comment I’ve made?
No. Please consider this and our discussion guidelines prior to submitting comments.

Why do comments show my name?
We hope to build community throughout the wider church through the ECF Vital Practices website. We hope the conversations here are thoughtful, civil and informative. Using real names is one way to maintain mutual respect.

What are the discussion guidelines?
We encourage you to actively join the ECF Vital Practices community by sharing ideas with others. These discussion guidelines apply to all comment areas, live chats, social networking tools and other forums hosted by ECF Vital Practices. Comments that do not adhere to the guidelines will be blocked. For more information please see our Member Terms of Use.

  • Disagree without being disagreeable
    While discussions require honest critique, focus your remarks on positions rather than personalities. No personal attacks, name calling, libel, defamation or hate speech.
  • Be brief and on topic
    Comments can be a rich resource if they are focused and informative. Please include commentary, links and critique that pertain to the topic at-hand. We advise that comments be kept to 400 words or less.
  • Obtain permission and attribute correctly if posting another’s work
    While you’re welcome to link to relevant content and to quote limited amounts from other people’s work, please obtain the necessary permissions, copyright notice and attribution information prior to submitting materials on the Your Turn section of the website or other section of the website.
  • Please respect individual privacy
    Do not share the email addresses or phone numbers of private individuals in the comments section of the website.

I forgot my password. What do I do?
On the Sign In page, click the “Forgot Password?” link just below the password prompt. You will be asked to provide your email and your password will then be sent to you.

What is an RSS Feed?
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds are a way to receive content that is frequently updated, like the Vital Posts Blog. When you subscribe to a feed, it is added to the Common Feed List. Updated information from the feed is automatically downloaded to your computer and can be viewed in Internet Explorer and other programs.

Is there a limit to what I can upload in the Your Turn section?
There is a limit of 20 possible files that can be uploaded in a single submission form.
File size limit is 20MB, and the page will timeout after 10 minutes. So if the uploading progress bar takes more then 10 minutes it will fail.

What is a VP Talk? How do I participate?
These events are live text-based conversations with a host on a particular topic. You must be a registered user, and logged in, to participate. However, unlike most events, you don’t have to confirm your participation in advance. Just show up at your computer, click on the VP Talk you want to join, and you’ll see scrolling text on the screen at the appointed hour when it is “live.” Type and submit your own questions via the “Questions” box. (All questions are moderated behind the scenes, so may not appear immediately.) When you are logged in, you can also view transcripts of past chats.

What does the √ mean?
This is an Editor’s Pick, highlighting articles or information we think is particularly good.

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