January 2017
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Vestry Leadership

Beginning Your Vestry’s Work Together
By Nathan E. Kirkpatrick - 0 Comments
Nathan E. Kirkpatrick shares the importance of intentionally forming the vestry as group of leaders …
  • Lessons From a Senior Warden
    By Anne Rudacille Schmidt - 0 Comments
    The role of the warden, in relationship to the rector, vestry and the congr…
  • Vestry Meditations
    By Colleen McMahon - 0 Comments
    Colleen McMahon shares the importance of prayer and spiritual practice for …
  • Spiritual Gifts
    By Jennifer LeBlanc - 0 Comments
    Does your church conduct a Spiritual Gifts Assessment for its parishioners?…
  • Editor's Letter January 2017
    By Charis Bhagianathan - 0 Comments
    ECFVP Editor Charis Bhagianathan introduces the January 2017 issue of Vestr…

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