September 2014
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Sharing Our Gifts

Attitude of Gratitude
By Demi Prentiss - 0 Comments
As we grow beyond the narrow understanding of stewardship as an annual fundraising exercise – or a…
  • Become What You Receive
    By Greg Syler - 0 Comments
    “…What you see is simply bread and a cup. But your faith demands far su…
  • From Outreach to Relationship
    By Peggy Dahlberg - 0 Comments
    Anyone can be spread too thin. Even a congregation. For many years, our ou…
  • Do Not Give Money to God!
    By Sandra Swan - 0 Comments
    Why give money to God? What is God going to do with it? God doesn't have a…
  • Conviértase En Lo Que Recibe: El Cuerpo De Cristo
    By Greg Syler - 0 Comments
    La teología, en su base, no es sólo el lenguaje que usamos para hablar so…
  • Actitud de Gratitud
    By Demi Prentiss - 0 Comments
    A medida que transcendemos la interpretación limitada de la mayordomía co…
  • God’s Economy
    By Jamie Coats - 0 Comments
    Stewardship is an opportunity to deepen our relationships with God. Thinkin…
  • Lessons from Fundraising Volunteers
    By Erin Weber-Johnson - 0 Comments
    Fundraising is so much more than the accomplishment of a monetary goal, her…
  • An Experiment: Year Round Stewardship
    By Ken Howard - 1 Comments
    St. Nicholas' has been trying an experiment to implement year-round steward…
  • Stone Soup
    By Karen Hunter - 0 Comments
    Using this familiar folktale, Grace Church shares how declining resources c…
  • La Economía de Dios
    By Jamie Coats - 0 Comments
    Vivimos en un mundo con dos economías: la economía de las transacciones y…
  • Sopa de Piedra
    By Karen Hunter - 0 Comments

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