November 2014
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Sharing Our Stories

Why Share Stories?
By Julie Lytle - 0 Comments
“Why Share Stories?” by Julie Lytle offers a theological framework for storytelling. She reminds…
  • Collecting Our Stories
    By Dan Handschy - 1 Comments
    Is there an epic event or something more intangible that defines your congr…
  • Newcomer Profiles
    By Ken Garner - 0 Comments
    How to capture and share the stories and experiences of newcomers developed…
  • Weaving Story Into All We Do
    By Lucy Owens - 0 Comments
    Impressed by the warmth, friendliness, and joy found throughout the Grace-S…
  • ¿Por Qué Compartir Historias?
    By Julie Lytle - 0 Comments
    Nos convertimos en discípulos al recopilar historias, compartir historias …
  • Recopilación de Nuestras Historias
    By Dan Handschy - 0 Comments
    A lo largo de los últimos varios meses, dos personas que empezaron recient…
  • Perfiles De Recién Llegados
    By Ken Garner - 0 Comments
    Por los últimos dos años, el perfil del recién llegado ha estado apareci…
  • Going That Extra Mile
    By Bob Landry - 0 Comments
    A present day ‘man on the road to Jericho’ story that reminds us that C…
  • Let Your Light Shine
    By Sandra Swan - 0 Comments
    Ways to share our own church’s stories first with each other and then, wi…
  • Putting out Signals
    By Anna Olson - 0 Comments
    We send out many signals, both intentionally and unintentionally. How can w…
  • First Impressions
    By Kevin Minch - 0 Comments
    More often people are encountering churches for the first time through a we…
  • ¿Qué Está Dando a Entender?
    By Anna Olson - 0 Comments
    ¿Qué está dando a entender su feligresía? ¿Quiénes están recibiendo …
  • Primeras Impresiones
    By Kevin Minch - 0 Comments
    ¿Cómo encontró nuestra iglesia? Si bien visitar una iglesia durante un s…

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