May 2016
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Transition and Change

Clergy Transition: Tips for Senior Wardens
By Anne Rudacille Schmidt - 0 Comments
Days before being installed as senior warden, Anne Rudacille Schmidt learned her rector had accepted…
  • Part Time ≠ Less Than
    By Cathie Caimano - 0 Comments
    Across our church congregations wrestle with decisions related to clergy st…
  • Un puente para el cambio
    By Carmen Guerrero - 0 Comments
    La transición y el cambio son parte de nuestra vida personal y laboral. En…
  • A Bridge to Change
    By Carmen Guerrero - 0 Comments
    Transition and change is part of our personal as well as our corporate live…
  • Navigation Aids
    By Randy Ferebee - 0 Comments
    What resources are available to congregations navigating a significant tran…

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