September 2016
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Why Give?

Why We Give
By Nancy Davidge - 0 Comments
Congregational leaders willing to try something different were the catalyst for a new approach to St…
  • Annual Giving & Elections
    By Erin Weber-Johnson - 0 Comments
    Presidential election years bring questions about their impact on charitabl…
  • Abre tu corazón a la misión de Dios
    By Sandra Montes - 0 Comments
    Verónica Godinez nos comparte cómo el amor, el abrir su corazón, y dar a…
  • Rethinking Clergy Education
    By Gary Shilling - 2 Comments
    What is good stewardship around educating our next generation of clergy? Ga…
  • Being One with God
    By Wilmot T. Merchant II and Sally Davis - 0 Comments
    Their belief that “God is good! All the time!” helped sustain members o…
  • Building a Legacy
    By Demi Prentiss - 0 Comments
    Sometimes, the obstacle to creating an endowment is simply, “we don’t h…
  • La mayordomía es un estilo de vida
    By José Leonel Ortez - 0 Comments
    El Padre José Ortez nos dice que la mayordomía tiene mucho más que ver c…
  • Stewardship is a Way of Life
    By José Leonel Ortez - 0 Comments
    Stewardship has more to do with our heart than with money. “Stewardship i…
  • Building Our Trellis
    By Celeste Ventura - 0 Comments
    In a vineyard, a trellis is essential to support and guide growth. Celeste …

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