July 2016
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Buildings & Grounds [& Mission]

Mission Focused Buildings
By David Hefling, ObJN+ - 0 Comments
In many ways, St. John’s Episcopal Church in Canandaigua, New York is not so different from other …
  • Church as Village Green
    By Sarah Bartenstein - 0 Comments
    How might a church in a suburban neighborhood reclaim its [the church’s] …
  • Sí, juntos podemos
    By Jesse Velásquez y Vidal Rivas - 0 Comments
    En “Sí, juntos podemos” Jesse Velásquez y Vidal Rivas nos animan a us…
  • Yes, Together We Can
    By Jesse Velásquez and Vidal Rivas - 0 Comments
    In “Yes, Together We Can,” Jesse Velásquez and Vidal Rivas encourage u…
  • Pasture to Partnerships
    By Susan Kleinwechter - 0 Comments
    Some churches lean on their visioning statements to drive them toward commu…
  • Reconciliation House
    By Janice Ford - 0 Comments
    For Janice Ford and Peter Kosciusko, their commitment to the full recovery …
  • A Ministry of Space
    By Louise Fortuna - 0 Comments
    Sharing our buildings with others can tax a congregation’s resources. “…
  • Parish Partnerships
    By Kimberly Durnan - 0 Comments
    Some congregations are staying close to home when it comes to mission trips…
  • Peace Garden
    By David Paulsen; Introduction by Nancy Davidge - 0 Comments
    In 2012, neighbors believed the church was closed. It wasn’t. Four years …

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