• Pledging: Should Clergy Know? ✓
    Opinions vary as to whether or not ordained leaders of faith communities should be familiar with what parishioners are pledging. Erin Weber-Johnson reached out to her church campaign colleagues and asked them to share their experiences, pro and con.
  • Good Stewardship Addresses Hopes and Fears ✓
    Nothing sends people scurrying for the sexton’s closet faster than hearing the footsteps of the stewardship chairperson coming down the hall.
  • Model Intentional Giving ✓
    Interviews with ten Latino/Hispanic congregations reveal best practices of stewardship.
  • Lessons from an Annual Giving Campaign ✓
    Trinity Cathedral in Cleveland Ohio realized that in the economic climate of 2009, their minimalist approach to stewardship was not going to work.
  • Building Our Trellis
    In a vineyard, a trellis is essential to support and guide growth. Celeste Ventura’s “Building Our Trellis” invites us to explore our own financial trellis, and provides a framework for starting a conversation among members of your church.
  • Stewardship is a Way of Life
    Stewardship has more to do with our heart than with money. “Stewardship is a Lifestyle” by Florida priest José Ortez shares six stewardship-related activities that have proven successful in his church.
  • Building a Legacy
    Sometimes, the obstacle to creating an endowment is simply, “we don’t have the money.” In “Building a Legacy,” Demi Prentiss shares the story of how a smaller church, made smaller by a church split, found a way to build a legacy for future …
  • Being One with God
    Their belief that “God is good! All the time!” helped sustain members of St. Stephen’s in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina after their diocesan leadership broke away from The Episcopal Church. “Being One with God” by Wilmot T. Merchant II…
  • Rethinking Clergy Education
    What is good stewardship around educating our next generation of clergy? Gary Shilling invites us to consider changes in the way our church identifies, recruits, trains, and financially supports emerging clergy leaders.
  • Annual Giving & Elections
    Presidential election years bring questions about their impact on charitable giving. In “Annual Giving & Elections” Erin Weber-Johnson shares the results of her research into this question and offers five recommendations – the first is remember…
  • Why We Give
    Congregational leaders willing to try something different were the catalyst for a new approach to St. Paul’s 2015 annual giving campaign. Working with all church committees and groups, this team wove all of their blessings into a compelling narrati…
  • Campaign of Generosity
    In “Campaign of Generosity” Victor Conrado talks about what has worked and what hasn’t in his bilingual and multiethnic church’s quest to have a relationship with God and share their time, talent, and treasure as they give generously.
  • Antidote to Anxiety (About Raising $)
    Doubts about a congregations ability to raise money can be the ‘elephant in the room’ threatening to undermine a campaign’s best efforts. In “Antidote to Anxiety (About Raising $),” Leslie Pendleton names some of these fears and offers a st…
  • The 2% Campaign
    In “The 2% Campaign,” Carla Roland-Guzmán shares great examples of the differences between almsgiving, offerings, and tithes. She gives practical advice on how to start giving 2% and continue toward 10% when we understand the basis of our giving…
  • Raising Disciples, Generous Givers
    The leadership at St. George’s Episcopal Church in Valley Lee, Maryland recognize that changing from ‘the way we’ve always done this’ to a new approach takes time. In “Raising Disciples, Generous Givers,” Greg Syler, continues the story h…
  • Stewardship: More than an Annual Campaign
    Nancy Davidge and Susan Elliott share approaches and strategies for developing a congregational culture built on the belief that God will use the gifts of the people to do “more than all we can ask or imagine.”
  • Ways to Live in Abundance
    Alejandro and Laura Montes share their experiences, challenges, and advice on how to evangelize as Christ does and have a vibrant and growing ministry by living a life of surrender, love, forgiveness, and example.
  • From Scarcity to Generosity
    Mary MacGregor offers recommendations to help congregations move toward a culture of generosity.
  • Stewardship: Gratitude or Obligation?
    Mark Beckwith notes that while The Episcopal Church, dioceses, and congregations often state “stewardship is the main work of the church,” in practice, stewardship is often sidelined. He also challenges all of us to make time this fall to provide…
  • Stone Soup
    Using this familiar folktale, Grace Church shares how declining resources can be a gift as well as a challenge in forming a vision.
  • An Experiment: Year Round Stewardship
    St. Nicholas' has been trying an experiment to implement year-round stewardship. Ken Howard shares the process they went through and the resources they developed.
  • Lessons from Fundraising Volunteers
    Fundraising is so much more than the accomplishment of a monetary goal, here are 5 of the top lessons from working with volunteers throughout the Church.
  • God’s Economy
    Stewardship is an opportunity to deepen our relationships with God. Thinking about how we live in two economies can make conversations in stewardship season easier and more fun.
  • Do Not Give Money to God!
    Why give money to God? What is God going to do with it? God doesn't have a bank account, a savings account, or a 401k. God doesn't have a mortgage to pay, kids in college, or elderly parents to care for. So do not give your money to God.
  • From Outreach to Relationship
    Anyone can be spread too thin. Even a congregation. For many years, our outreach efforts at Christ Church Cranbrook (CCC) were very widespread.
  • Become What You Receive
    “…What you see is simply bread and a cup. But your faith demands far subtler insight: the bread is Christ's body, the cup is Christ's blood. My friends, these realities are called sacraments because in them one thing is seen, while another is gra…
  • Attitude of Gratitude
    As we grow beyond the narrow understanding of stewardship as an annual fundraising exercise – or as the late Terry Parsons (http://www.tens.org/resources/blog/remembering-terry-parsons/) used to call it, the “annual beg-a-thon” – God begins t…
  • Crazy Wisdom
    Dan Edwards shares stories, from biblical times to the present, of people who have walked in faith, giving away what they have and finding that they still have enough.
  • God Had a Hand in This
    Luke Blount shares the story of strangers brought together by a shared vision.
  • Honest Sharing
    For many people, talking about money is difficult – even with family. In “Honest Sharing” Angela Emerson offers a glimpse into the private struggle many of us experience as we wrestle with our feelings related to giving, not only of our treasu…
  • Squash Tithe
    Our lives are often touched by simple acts of kindness. "Squash Tithe” by Nancy Moore shares how the gift of a summer squash from one parishioner to another in 2012, lives on in an unexpected way.
  • Liberating Stewardship
    The Christian vocation of proclaiming and responding to God’s prodigious generosity is a year-round calling.
  • Doing More with Less
    The dynamics of passing the “leftover” around generating a spirit of appreciation and affirmation did so much more than fighting over the last piece of meat, as a fear-of-scarcity-minded group would do.
  • Spiritual Vitality
    If spiritual vitality of a congregation were measured, where along a continuum would the members in your church be?
  • Wholehearted Stewardship
    Your annual giving campaign can be an opportunity for growth and excitement. What have you done that has reached out to different generations in your parish?
  • I Miss Vestry Meetings
    In “I Really Miss Vestry Meetings,” Henry Parsley, retired bishop of Alabama states “vestries should be one of the most exciting ministries in the church – joyful, in fact” and then shares the key components that he, after working with vest…
  • Generosity: A Latina Perspective
    Latin Americans in the United States generously donate money, leadership, and talent to the Church. It’s important for them to see their resources being used prudently and to know that they’re truly contributing to the welfare of their church com…
  • Stewardship Presence-Making: A Parable
    Stewardship campaign chairpersons may perceive themselves as congregational “nagger” or “scolder.” Might we suggest a self-perception of “coach” or “cheerleader?”
  • No More Pledge Cards – Please!
    In being good stewards, we advocate giving of our time, talent, and treasure continuously throughout the year. Are pledge cards distracting us from our efforts to practice good stewardship? What alternatives might we use instead of making a financi…
  • Brick by Brick
    How do you get people to say yes? First you say yes.
  • Legacy and Generosity
    That idea of legacy as the way we live, not simply the things we leave, is fundamental to our Christian understanding of generosity. What are the practices you are living forward and what do you understand about practice, generosity and legacy by loo…
  • Recipe for Spiritual Growth
    The congregation at St. Aidan's Episcopal Church in Olathe, Kansas, understands stewardship to be both holistic and organic. They've built their stewardship plan around what they see as a recipe for spiritual growth....
  • Reframing Stewardship
    Stewardship is about life, the whole of life. It’s living the life of God, in fact – living more generously, more boldly, and more faithfully. Stewardship is everything. This is why we don’t have a stewardship drive at St. George’s in Vall…
  • Cosi, Cosi, Iyaphela
    In the European tradition, we say, “the end” as if the story has no life outside of that moment. Cinderella and Prince Charming live happily ever after. The end. There’s nothing more to say. But in African storytelling, we say, “Cosi, Cosi …
  • Sewing Factory For Hondurans Living With HIV/AIDS
    Our Episcopal congregations in Province 9 as well as our Anglican brothers and sisters in the two-thirds world can offer valuable lessons related to innovative models of financial sustainability and asset based community development.
  • The Best Way to be Blocked
    I’m not alone when making the observation that often, as we look ahead, our paths seem blocked and full of obstacles.
  • Out of Many, One: New River Regional Ministry
    The New River Regional Ministry is the result of the commitment of The Diocese of Southeast Florida, All Saints Church, St. Ambrose Church, El Centro Hispano de Todos los Santos, and St. Ambrose Pre-school to serve joyfully both in the abundance and …
  • St. Alban's: Why Grow?
    The second installment of Brent Owens' article on St. Alban's Episcopal Church in Monroe, GA. "After the substantial decline in size, a major focus of St. Alban’s has been on growth."
  • One Step Out of "Stuckness"
    Helping others make spirited and rooted next steps often involves being intentional about not only where you want to go but also what is keeping you from getting started.
  • New Heights
    In today’s world of decreasing church attendance, changing parish demographics, and difficult economic times, it is essential that all of us optimize the stewardship of the resources with which we are blessed.
  • Green Shoots from the Stump
    In the first of a two-part series, the Rev. Brent Owens writes that when you're down, you're not out.
  • Thoughtful Stewardship - Beyond the Tithe
    “All things come of thee, O Lord, and of thine own have we given thee” is a familiar phrase to most of us, spoken as our church offerings are brought before the Lord.
  • Time Stewardship at a New Level
    When you were elected by your peers to the vestry, you quickly became aware you had the power of the purse.
  • Enabling Generosity
    Members of a vestry are responsible for the church’s resources. That usually means obtaining, managing, and directing the use of people, buildings, and investments of and for the church and its ministries.
  • The Heart that Gives
    It is with a real sense of serendipity that this issue of Vestry Papers offers the theme of stewardship and the opportunity for me to introduce myself as Cornerstone’s new director.
  • Money, God and Vestries
    Money is a great invention. Aren’t we better off not having to lug potatoes or chickens (dead or alive) to barter with when we go shopping?
  • Facing Financial Adversity
    “Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life; what you shall eat or what you shall drink, nor about your body, what you shall put on....”
  • Faith in Action
    Faith in action – loving God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength by loving our neighbors as ourselves – is the hallmark of Jubilee Ministry.
  • Meeting God in a Faith Garden
    Gardens have always been places to meet God and God’s people.
  • A Lenten Carbon Fast
    Forty days of Lent. Nine hundred and sixty hours. Fifty-seven thousand, six hundred minutes.
  • The Genesis Covenant: Action for Climate Change
    Global climate change models predict that extreme weather events will become increasingly common.
  • Tending to the Earth with Children
    Issues of creativity lie at the very heart of Christian formation, because to live a life of grace is to live creatively.
  • God is My Rock
    When I was eight or nine, I was playing outside on a hillside near the sea in Rhode Island, where my family spent time during the summer.
  • Christian Stewardship in the Hispanic Community
    The Episcopal Church in Latin America is not widely known. It has a muted presence because of its small size, making many people here in the United States think that Hispanics only belong to the Roman Catholic or Pentecostal faiths.
  • Stewards: Caretakers of God's Abundance
    The responsibilities of stewards over time have remained broad.
  • By the Numbers: Mission, Diversity Matter
    When we speak of stewardship, we’re often using a theological word for a practical concept: taking care of business.
  • Discipleship and Young Adults: A Good Mix
    When my rector asked me if I’d consider heading up the annual stewardship campaign, I admit to a sinking feeling in my stomach that many of us experience when faced with the task.
  • Closing the Planning Gap
    As we begin a new year, perhaps you are trying to decide, once again, what resolutions might bring you health and peace. One goal might be to close the planning gap. Or, put another way, this may be the year to finally address end of life issues for …
  • Rejoice & beware: Practical issues
    A capital campaign is an opportunity for building community, yet it can be fraught with obstacles.
  • Limited funds, limited time, yet success
    Many small parishes never undertake capital campaigns because of the difficulties and limitations that come with having few resources.
  • Capital campaigns, faith and hard times
    St. Michael and All Angels is not a wealthy congregation. However, the story of our capital campaign over the past couple of years has been quite remarkable.
  • Don't inspire guilt, deliver hope
    Here are the things that distinguished our campaign at Emmanuel Church in downtown Boston from all the other guilt-inspiring, despair-delivering, email asks that you and I see in our inboxes every day.
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