Strategic Solutions

The Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF) is helping to transform Episcopal churches by providing resources and consultants in the areas of leadership development, strategic planning, financial resource development and planning, and sharing recommended practices, innovative solutions, and great ideas.

Strategic Solutions is a program offering facilitation and assistance for congregations, dioceses, and Episcopal schools to envision and fund future ministries. Through Strategic Solutions, we work with leadership teams to craft responses to real-time challenges related to organizational, programmatic, and/or operational challenges, in areas such as:

  • Visioning, mission, and strategy planning
  • Engaging diverse constituencies and supporters
  • Responding quickly and effectively to changing realities
  • Building a heightened sense of identity, purpose, and direction
  • Putting plans into action

To learn more about ECF’s Strategic Solutions program, please contact Kate Adams, ECF Special Projects Director at 800.697.2858, ext. 6008 or