Photo Release Form

Does your congregation have a policy regarding the use of photos? It's a good practice to have permission before posting anyone's image, especially when there are children in the photo. Click on the link below for a sample release form, provided in both English and Spanish, that can be customized for your congregation. When setting up a photo release protocol: * Opt-in programs are the preferred option - that is getting specific permission to use someone's photo rather than relying on an opt-out form. The difference? Opt-out assumes you can use an image if you do not have a signed release - which may not be the case, especially if the family was not aware there was a form to sign. * Collect releases annually - some congregations do it at their annual meeting, others at the start of the program year. Keeping the signed releases on file in a central location makes it easy for people posting or using photos to check whose images can or cannot be used. * One congregation gives children colorful bracelets before a planned photo shoot - with the children whose images can be used receiving bracelets of one color and children whose images cannot be used receiving another. Bracelets can be as simple as a band of colored paper. * Some congregations customize their form, offering families the option of making distinctions about how images are used. Common choices include: a) website/social media channels, b) transmitted digitally, c) provided in print media, d) advertising. There are checkboxes for each. This does not cover the photo directory. What's your experience using photo releases? Any tips to share?