Tools to Transform Money into Ministry

Why give money to God? What is God going to do with it? God doesn't have a bank account, a savings account, or a 401k. God doesn't have a mortgage to pay, kids in college, or elderly parents to care for. So do not give your money to God. That is what the folks at St. Paul's in Greenville, North Carolina, are being told this fall. Instead of putting the emphasis on our giving, we are emphasizing our doing. Instead of focusing on funding the budget, we are asked to fund God's work. We are asked to transform our money into ministry. We are asked to use our money, not give it. "Do Not Give Money to God," my article in the September 2014 Vestry Papers, shares the theology behind this approach. Listed below are links to resources developed - and used - at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Greenville, North Carolina. We're finding them helpful and offer them to you to use, or adapt, to fit the needs of your faith community.