Statistical Data on Episcopal Congregations

A highly valuable data tool is Studying Your Congregation and Community, an online resource provided by the Episcopal Church.  It includes two charts for every congregation: "Your Church Chart" tracks the number of baptized members, average Sunday attendance, and pledge and plate giving over the most recently available eleven years. The data for this chart comes from annual Parochial Reports. The second is "Your Community Profile" which provides statistics and demographic information across 12 different categories for a 3 mile radius around your church. The data for this chart comes from ExecutiveInsite.

To access the information, first select your diocese from the drop down menu and then wait for the Church drop down menu to load. When the Church drop down menu has loaded, select your congregation. You will see the buttons just below, "View Church Chart" and "View Community Chart", change from grey to blue when the information has been retrieved.

While published in 2010, a still valuable tool is the report Episcopal Congregations Overview: Findings from the 2010 Faith Communities Today Survey (see document below), a congregational research report produced by C. Kirk Hadaway for The Episcopal Church. The data is from the 2010 national survey of American congregations called Faith Communities Today and from Episcopal Church parochial reports 2009. It is remarkably helpful and provides a good snapshot of Episcopal congregations - both strengths and challenges.

For more valuable information on Episcopal congregations and dioceses, browse the "Research and Statistics" section of The Episcopal Church website.

Episcopal Congregations Overview 2010