Living Into Our Ministries

Collaboratively developed by the Episcopal Church Foundation, the Episcopal Church Center's Offices for Ministry Development and Deployment and many diocesan representatives, this guide is for conducting an effective ministry review in one's congregation. This guide was written by Samuel P. Magill.

The document is an educational package for diocesan facilitators, deployment officers, vestries, wardens, and clergy. 

  • Section 1 provides a framework for thinking about mutual ministry in general. It introduces the idea of review in the context of ongoing life in the congregation. By itself this section could be a starting point for a vestry study before deciding whether to continue.
  • Section 2 begins with preparation for review and then offers a variety of methods. The choice of approach depends on your situation. The section provides an overview of all parts of the mutual ministry cycle and then concentrates on review activities. Other resources provide more detail for planning and conducting ministry.
  • Section 3 takes up the critical issue of reviewing the ministry of all baptized people. It flows from the idea that ministry must be nurtured in the congregation, so that all of us can exercise our ministry gifts wherever we live and work. This may be the most important review of all.
  • Section 4 tackles the often difficult topic of leadership reviews. All leaders, lay and ordained, are considered. 
  • The remaining sections—5, 6, and 7—provided facilitators with additional tools and resources.

Living Into Our Ministries: A Guide to Mutual Ministry Review