Tools for Capital Campaigns

  • How to Prepare for a Capital Campaign A capital campaign is an opportunity to identify new leaders and create opportunities for mission and service.
  • Church Leadership Conference: ECF Presentations ECF offered a number of workshops the 2014 Church Leadership Conference: Unlocking the New Church. Copies of some of the presentations are offered below.
  • The Constituency Model The Constituency Model consists of concentric circles that represent levels of connection an organization’s constituents have to an organization. I have modified the model to fit the structure and life of the Episcopal Church. The model can serve as a powerful fundraising and engagement tool for finding donors and volunteers and more deeply engaging those who already contribute time and talent.
  • Scripture to Encourage Giving What does the Bible say? Here are a few passages of scripture that are often used for bible study, stewardship campaigns, or communication materials to reflect on God's gifts to us and our call to respond in gratitude.
  • Pledge Cards Prayer In English and Spanish, written by Bishop Greg Rickel, Diocese of Olympia