September 2007
Christian Hospitality

Commissioning of New Members

Celebrant: Sisters and Brothers in Christ Jesus, we are all baptized by the one Spirit into one Body, and given gifts for a variety of ministries for the common good. Our purpose is to commission these persons in the Name of God and of this congregation into membership in Iona-Hope.  

Sponsor: I present to you these persons to be admitted as confirmed members, baptized members and sojourner members of this congregation. 

Celebrant: There are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit; and there are varieties of service, but the same Lord; and there are varieties of working, but it is the same God who inspires everyone. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly. 

Congregation: Do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus. 

Celebrant: Will you become a committed member of the Iona-Hope congregation? 

New members: I will.   

Celebrant: I invite you to proclaim your covenant. 

New members: I celebrate the gifts that God has given me and I pledge to use them to promote the mission of this congregation. I know, understand, and support the core values of Iona-Hope. I will worship regularly, participate in ministry, and give generously for the support of the goals of the congregation. I will strive to increase my understanding of God and enhance my relationship with God and I will do all in my power to bring others into a relationship with God. 

Celebrant: Will all of you witnessing these vows do all in your power to support these persons in their life in Christ and in this part of Christ’s body known as Iona-Hope? 

Congregation: We will.

This article is part of the September 2007 Vestry Papers issue on Christian Hospitality