November 2005
Making the Tough Choices

Tips on how NOT to make decisions...

  • The bishop is in favor of the project. That means we should automatically: 1) endorse it or 2) dump it. 
  • It’s a contentious issue. So let’s not talk about it. Let’s just vote. 
  • Louie’s not here. So let’s vote now. 
  • We might offend someone. Let’s do nothing. 
  • We might offend someone. YES! 
  • The roof’s leaking again. Good thing that new vestry is coming on. 
  • The disciples cast lots. Here’s some dice. 
  • We did it that way last time. Can’t remember why, but you’re not complaining, are you? 
  • If people hate us, we must be doing Jesus’ work. 
  • We don’t have enough money for it? Ask the women’s guild. It sure is a good thing we have all these separate accounts. How else would we get anything done? 
  • Sally said that Joe said that Helen doesn't like it. And she's a pretty big pledger. I guess we better forget it. 
  • Bob’s pretty quiet about this whole thing. Guess he must be fine with it.
This article is part of the November 2005 Vestry Papers issue on Making the Tough Choices