Senior Warden Ministry: Mission Impossible?

This webinar took place on Thursday, January 28, 2016 from 7:00-8:00PM ET.

A recording of the webinar is below the description. A copy of the slides and two other resources are below the video.


Web links that were mentioned in the webinar:

Article: Generational Giving

Webinar recording: Capital Campaign Basics

Vestry Resource Guide

Guide for Mutual Ministry Reviews

Webinar recording: Addressing Lackluster Stewardship


“Your Mission, potential senior warden, should you choose to accept it…”

Serving as senior warden can be one of the most spiritually rewarding experiences for a lay leader. This one hour webinar is designed to present practical tips and considerations for those planning to serve as senior warden for their parish and rector. Topics to be discussed include:

● The roles and responsibilities of a senior warden
● Challenges and pitfalls to be watch for
● Typical questions of a newly appointed senior warden
● Experience of two past senior wardens
● Top 5 tips to ensure a rewarding term as senior warden

“And, as always, should you be captured, the Rector and Vestry will disavow and knowledge of your actions. This Webinar will self-destruct in five seconds following completion. Good luck!”

Presented by Anne Schmidt and Christopher S. Ayres, former and current Senior Wardens of the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration, Dallas, TX.

PowerPoint Slides for Senior Warden Ministry 01.28.16
Transfiguration Executive Notebook for Webinar 01.28.16
Transfiguration Vestry Covenant 2014