Ways to Let God Lead Your Vestry

This webinar took place on Thursday, February 23, 2017 from 7:00-8:00PM ET. A recording of the webinar and accompanying resources are below. 

The Episcopal Church canons declare that the vestry is responsible for things “temporal,” but buildings and budgets are spiritual matters. More than that, if vestry members want to help their faith community participate in God’s mission more fully, the vestry should be first and foremost a spiritual discernment team, dedicated to following the Holy Spirit’s leading.

This webinar will discuss how clergy and vestry leaders can re-envision their vestry so members can help the church stay focused on what matters most: what God is up to in the lives of church members and their neighbors. Vestries can then more faithfully steward and leverage the faith community’s gifts, buildings, and resources, while growing spiritually.

Presented by the Rev. Dr. Blair Pogue, Rector of St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in St. Paul, MN.

St. Matthew's Document on Christian Discernment
St. Matthews' Appreciate Inquiry Report