Congregational Vitality Assessment: How To Use This Powerful (Free) New Tool

FaithX partnered with the Episcopal Church Foundation to offer our powerful, research-based congregational vitality diagnostic tool online, as no cost to congregations of all denominations and religious affiliation.

Participants in this webinar will learn how to use this tool as a part of their congregations' strategic missional planning, leverage their strengths and address their weaknesses for the sake of their congregations' vision and mission.

Hosted by Ken Howard (FaithX Executive Director/CVA Author) and Haley Bankey (Gathering of Leaders Executive Director/CVA Digital Product Owner)

Click here for more information on the CVA

This webinar is presented in partnership with Gathering of Leaders and FaithX.


  • Individual: $19.95/ticket
  • Group: $16.95/ticket (5 or more)

Note: All registration fees go to support and continue the work of The FaithX Project and its impact on the church. To learn more about FaithX, please visit here.