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Updated: 06.2015

Looking for information related to General Convention? Here's a collection of resources related to Episcopal Church governance, structure, and polity as well as tips for reporting on General Convention. Further below is a list of links.

The Episcopal Diocese of Texas' illustrated booklet "The 78th General Convention of The Episcopal Church" offers a comprehensive - and easy to understand - overview of our Episcopal system of governance, flow chart showing the legislative process, and a glossary.

New this General Convention is the "Skim-readers guide to General Convention resolutions." This educational and informative resource, developed by the Episcopal Church in Connecticut, is an easy for way for people to learn about the resolutions being brought forth. It also includes information related to the diocese's deputation - which we share as a model other dioceses may want to adapt for their own use.

Want to follow or add to the Twitter conversation about General Convention? Use #GC78. And, consider tagging your blog posts, your news items, etc. - all help make it easier to share the Good News of The Episcopal Church as it responds to what God's up to in the world.

Links to other resources for sharing and communicating General Convention as well as Episcopal Church governance, structure, and polity.

Governance of The Episcopal Church

Connecting the Dots - Bonnie Anderson makes the connection between congregational, diocesan, and denominational governance tracing from our roots in 1782 to the present.

Learn about The 78th General Convention of The Episcopal Church - The Diocese of Texas shares this illustrated booklet that offers an overview of our Episcopal system of governance, flow chart showing the legislative process, and a glossary.

Our Story - roots of our democratic style of governance and invites us to consider ways to balance an organization’s need for order with its equally important need for creativity and risk-taking.

Reporting on General Convention

General Convention in 140 Characters (or less) - How Twitter is a useful tool for tracking what is happening at General Convention.

General Convention 2015 Webinar - Watch a recording and download the slides from a webinar about communicating the 78th General Convention.

Lessons from General Convention Tweeters - Tips about how social media, and in particular Twitter, can be used to connect and build community.

Media Credentials Application - Use this form to apply for media official media credentials at General Convention.

Media Hub - Start here for all the latest, official news from General Convention.

Media Kit - From the Office of Communication, offers general information for media, convention information, backgrounders, and photos. 

Preparing for General Convention: Things for Communicators to Consider - Tips on how to effectively cover General Convention while also doing the rest of your job.

Reporting General Convention - How does a communicator share what is happening at General Convention in a meaningful and relevant way?

The Episcopal Church

General Convention website - The official website for the General Convention of the Episcopal Church.

An Introduction to the 78th General Convention - This helpful document from the General Convention Office provides a good overview, legislative process chart, and glossary of terms used at General Convention.

Blue Book - This document contains all of the reports of the Committees, Commissions, Agencies, and Board to The General Convention of the Episcopal Church. What's inside? Quite a bit of research, statistics, and findings from the work of these groups and their proposed legislation.

Other Related Resources

Episcopal Church Women Triennial - All information related the ECW meeting that occurs in tandem with General Convention.

Episcopal Diocese of Utah - Link to the homepage for the host diocese for the 78th General Convention of the Episcopal Church.

Praying for General Convention - The Society of Saint John the Evangelist (SSJE) has established a base for interactive prayer and invites everyone to use the hashtag #PrayersOf to submit Prayers of the People on a different theme each day.

Salt Palace Convention Center - The website for the location site of the 78th General Convention of the Episcopal Church.

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