Sharing Our Stories

What’s holding us back from sharing our faith stories?

As editor of ECF Vital Practices, I think about this a lot. I have the privilege of hearing – and sharing - amazing stories of how faith communities are responding to God’s call through ECFVP and Vestry Papers, yet, often, when I visit the congregation’s web site, I find no mention of these amazing ministries. Why is that? We know that people connect to stories. So what’s holding us back?

And, more importantly, what can I – and others – do to change this?

Here’s a short list of things that hold us back:

  • It hasn’t occurred to us. We consider our newsletters, websites, and other communications tools only as means for sharing information.
  • It’s one more thing to do.
  • Scarcity of time, money, staff, or expertise.

These resources are designed to help us learn to become better at sharing our stories.

Communicating Stewardship Year Round