Pledge Drive & Plate Offering Analysis Worksheet

If you were to analyze giving and pledging trends in your congregation, what trends and patterns would you realize? St. George’s Episcopal Church, Valley Lee, Maryland – the congregation I have the pleasure of serving – is a vibrant and strong congregation. Year after year, we are showing signs of growth. Numbers of people who participate in ministries, as well as numbers of people who are actively supporting this congregation through regular financial giving is increasing. To help us get a better grasp of the latter, we’ve created a worksheet which has helped us reflect upon and better refine our conversations around stewardship and giving and generosity. Total giving is up. More people are contributing, and contributing regularly, through the use of the Open Pledge Campaign we now use compared to the traditional pledge card-based system we used to use. Nowadays, we can realistically compare current giving to previous trends, and we can look more closely at who’s giving what without anyone on any leadership body connecting Pledge Box Numbers to actual women and men. To put a finer point on it, now, for the first time we can have and are having straightforward, honest, hard, and careful conversations about what we need to bring in, financially, just to achieve a basic level of health and competency and what we need people to give.