Structuring Leadership Teams

Note - this tool is also available in Spanish here.

The most effective leaders have always created teams to work with and lead with them. Take Moses in the story of Exodus, or Jesus and the apostles in the New Testament, or Martin Luther King Jr. in the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Unfortunately, we don’t always create effective teams within our congregations. Our ministries could be more rewarding if we intentionally structured better teams in all areas of church life. This tool describes the criteria for creating effective teams, and offers group exercises and worksheets to create the structure for a leadership team.

These principles of team structure are being used in the Episcopal Church through various organizing efforts within the dioceses of Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Spokane. For more information contact The Rev. Devon Anderson resident in the Diocese of Minnesota.

This resource is adapted from the work of Marshall Ganz of Harvard University and has been modified here by the Episcopal Church Foundation for ECF Vital Practices.

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Structuring Leadership Teams