The Journey for Calling a Priest

Clergy transitions in the life of a congregation can be, and usually are, full of anxiety and progressive steps. But done well, they can also provide a time of healing and grace so that when a new priest is called, the congregation is healthy, selfsustaining and unified.

Open the visual diagram below to see common steps on the journey of calling a new priest.  This diagram was created for the Jan/Feb 2010 Vestry Papers issue about Transitions.

However, please note that every diocese has specific steps that must be followed in a transition.  Please contact your diocese for more detailed information on the process in your location.  

Text adapted from "Calling a Priest to Your Parish" by the Diocese of Connecticut, used with permission.  Visual created by Kimberly Reeves, Monarch Communications, for Vestry Papers.

The journey: Calling a priest to your parish