Creating a Legacy Society

In order to grow a planned giving program, you may want to establish a Legacy Society, to which people who have made a provision for their church in their estate plans (or made appropriate gifts to an endowment fund) are invited to become members.  When people make an estate provision for the church and count themselves as members of an Episcopal Legacy Society, they are not just receiving recognition, but giving witness to their faith through the church.  

Writing a will is not an everyday event.  By creating a Legacy Society and establishing deadlines for enrollment and annual celebration events, you are creating a process to encourage people to plan for the end of life and remember the church in their plans. It also provides a system for acknowledging the committment individuals have made. 

These tools show you how to create a Legacy Society brochure and enrollment form.  Customize them for your own context and purpose.  

For more information on this topic, see Funding Future Ministry: A Guide to Planned Giving (2009 Episcopal Church Foundation), especially Chapter VII Establishing a Legacy Society and Chapter VI Educating Your Congregation.

How to Create a Legacy Society Brochure

How to Create a Legacy Society Enrollment Form