Planned Giving: Promoting Planned Gifts

Need to start raising awareness about planned giving?  Any congregation can use these tools to encourage generosity and to inform prospective givers about ways to leave a legacy to the church they love. 

Two types of materials appear below:

  • Templates for letters and brochures - use these suggestions to create your own materials, customized to your needs and members.
  • Ready-to-use brochure and flier - print and distribute as is to start raising awareness in your congregation.  Be sure to have a response system in place if people get interested!
These resources are based on the book Funding Future Ministry: A Guide to Planned Giving, published by the Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF) in 2009.  This newly revised, updated, and comprehensive manual shares the most effective ways to encourage legacy gifts, all set in a theological framework. Whether you're a small mission or a large cathedral, you can benefit from the guide's five sample programs to start or enhance a planned giving program.  The book can be ordered from Forward Movement Publications.

ECF offers a range of information and services to help congregations, dioceses, and Episcopal agencies establish planned giving and endowment programs. ECF can act as a "back office" to assist in the technical aspects of planned gifts so you don't have to be the expert.  Contact us if you have questions about planned giving or need assistance with these tools.

Template - create a bulletin insert

Template - create a letter encouraging planned gifts

Template - create a letter promoting gifts to an endowment fund

Bulletin instert - ready to print

Flier - ready to print