Press Release Template

When submitting news or stories from your congregation to the media, you should follow industry standards by organizing your information using a press release template. 

When writing your release, keep in mind that editors are looking for stories that will be of interest to their audience (subscribers, readers, listeners, viewers) and that fit their definition of what is newsworthy. Thinking about the question "Why should anyone care about this?" before you begin writing can be an effective way of helping you craft your release.

Press Release Template


Type of Press Release

For Immediate Release (this indicates that the information you have provided is available for publication right away)

For More Information Contact:
Name of primary contact
Office Phone:
Cell Phone:

City, State — The body of the release should consist of several paragraphs that are short and concise, with the most important content at the beginning. 


Boilerplate – this is the basic information about your church that should include a brief history, perhaps a bit about your priest, and types of services you offer.