Liturgies for Marriage and Blessing of Lifelong Covenants

Heeding the concern that "separate but equal" rites are inherently unequal, the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music developed and recommended to the 2015 General Convention an adaptation of the 2012 liturgy that can be used for marriage for any couple, as well as "The Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage 2," a gender neutral adaptation of the marriage rite in the 1979 Book of Common Prayer. The convention authorized these rites for trial use, that is, as a proposed revision of the BCP. Resolution 2015-A054 directs that these liturgies be used under the direction and with the permission of the diocesan bishop, and stipulates that bishops exercising ecclesiastical authority or, where appropriate, ecclesiastical supervision will make provision for all couples asking to be married in the Episcopal Church to have access to the liturgies.

Printed materials are available from Church Publishing

"The Witnessing and Blessing of a Marriage"

The Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage 2"