Tools for Diversity

  • Las diferencias entre los Católicos Romanos y los Anglicanos Una entrevista con el Rev. Alberto Cutié realizado por Maria Elvira Salazar sobre las diferencias entre los Católicos Romanos y los Anglicanos. Es una discusión buena sobre la identidad y espiritualismo de la Iglesia Episcopal.
  • Web Conference: Out of Many, One Resources on ECF Fellow Rosa Lindahl Mallow's innovative work in Florida to merge three very different congregations into one: large suburban, Latino storefront, and small financially struggling.
  • LGBTQ+ Resource Hub Welcome to ECF’s curated collection of LGBTQ+ resources. At ECF, we are guided by a commitment to love and justice, seeking to create an inclusive space where all voices are heard and celebrated. Our hope is that these resources and the ideas they spark help us embark on a journey of understanding inclusion and acceptance through Christ’s eyes, honoring the sacred worth of every individual.