November 2022
Young Leaders in Ministry

Who We Are and What We Do for Jesus

In this compelling interview, Dr. Sandra Montes talks with two young women, Adialyn and Sandy Milien, who are Latina powerhouses in the Episcopal Church. Both are strong, successful young women in the Episcopal Church. Sandy is the Canon for Racial Reconciliation and Community Engagement with the Diocese of Bethlehem, and Adialyn is the Director of Communications for the House of Deputies.

The sisters come from a long line of priests and church leaders and speak candidly with Sandra of their love of the church and their experiences as followers of Jesus, church people and young women of color. Adialyn sums it up, “We were born in the Episcopal church; we love it.” Sandy tells us that both of their parents are Episcopal priests and that her first memory is of being in church with her parents. “The Episcopal Church is who we are. It’s what we do for Jesus.”

This is not to say that they agree with the way everything is done in the church. Both agree that there should be more people there that look like them, especially in positions of power. As Adialyn puts it, “I think we need to be more authentic with who we are and who we claim to be.” For example, we say that we want more young people in the church, but the music they want is too noisy. We say we want to see this kind of change, but we feel very comfortable the way we are. “We have the best church! But we need to practice what we preach.”

These passionate, young leaders are some of the best and brightest, working to make a difference for Jesus, and they deserve the prayers and encouragement of the church. With their passion and leadership, we will achieve our Beloved Community.


This article is part of the November 2022 Vestry Papers issue on Young Leaders in Ministry