July 2008
Parish Communications

Website Considerations

Check out your parish website and see if you can easily find the following:
  • Worship and music schedules and web links to lectionary readings.
  • Phone and email contacts of your parish office and leadership.
  • Map and directions to your church. And parking information.
  • Emails formatted as newsletters from the church office.
  • Emails that point parishioners to a special web page with expanded event publicity.
  • “Group email” (listservs) used for parish life discussions and forums.
  • An annotated Parish Events Calendar with highlights about speakers and events.
  • Overview of parish life, showing the scope and formal and informal styles of activities.
  • Web sections for parish organizations, for their own publicity and recognition.
  • Web links to church related sites, such as resource publishers and mission partners.
This article is part of the July 2008 Vestry Papers issue on Parish Communications