March 2007
Christian Formation

Formation Lessons from the Bible

A lifelong process, Christian formation involves many things: baptism, church school, prayer, Bible study, life experiences, taking what is learned in church into the world, and being in community with other Christians. What can be learned from those who went before us?

Eve: Blame me. That Tree of Knowledge is very enticing. 

Methuselah: You’re never to old to learn new things.

Sarah: Go ahead. Laugh. And then be open to God’s plan.

David: Others might make you crazy, but take off that heavy armor and write some new music.

Isaiah: If you say it right, people will be quoting you thousands of years from now.

Job: It ain’t pretty, but suffering will teach you many things.

Daniel: Prayer might lead you into the lion’s den but it will also keep you safe once you’re there.

John the Baptist: Formation involves water. And baptism. And then you step aside.

Mary of Bethany: Take the time to sit at Jesus’ feet. You may not always have the chance.

This article is part of the March 2007 Vestry Papers issue on Christian Formation