July 2018
Creative Communications

Editor's Letter July 2018

Dear Friends,

Communicating is at the heart of our life as Christians, and telling our story as an individual, as a church, or as a community is something we are called to do on a daily basis. In this issue, we bring you creative ways to communicate your message effectively and powerfully.

When planning communications activities, our focus is often the ‘what’ instead of the ‘why’. In Thinking Strategically About Church Communications- Part 1, Nancy Davidge explains how a shift from sharing information to sharing what we believe can inspire action, nurture relationships and build communities.

Have you ever considered creating a podcast, but felt stuck because you didn’t know where to begin? In Podcasting for Beginners, Benjamin Gildas lists tips to help podcast newbies get started and shares resources like equipment, software and even other popular podcasts for inspiration.

A defined visual identity can help tell a consistent and memorable story about your brand without ever having to use a single word. In Creating a Visual Identity for the Episcopal Church, Step-by-Step, Melissa Walker shares the process she used to create a new guide that defines our Church’s visual identity.

What can you do with $50? We posed that question to two church communicators, and in The $50 Communications Challenge, Kyle Oliver and Joanne Fisher share their projects and the creative way they used a small budget to communicate a big message.

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Charis Bhagianathan
Editor, ECF Vital Practices

This article is part of the July 2018 Vestry Papers issue on Creative Communications