January 2019
Vestry as Team

Editor's Letter January 2019

Dear Friends,

An effective vestry functions like a well-oiled machine, all the parts contributing something essential and working together in harmony and unison. In this issue we share ideas to strengthen, diversify and build up your vestry team, to give you a strong start as new vestries come together at the beginning of the year.

What constitutes a life-giving and productive team? In Vestry As a Life-Giving Team, Chris Holmes explains the difference between a ‘group’ and ‘team’ and how an effective team and vestry doesn’t just come into existence – it requires careful planning, leadership development and intentionality.

How powerful is music when building community? In Music for Team Building, Sandra Montes shares ideas from different musicians on how to harness the power of music and song to bring everyone together prayerfully and joyfully. Try these ideas at your next vestry meeting. This article is available in English and Spanish.

What are qualities that are desirable in vestry members? In Listener, Trainer, Goal Setter, John Thompson-Quartey, provides traits to look for in team members who have at their core, a belief that they must constantly seek and serve God together.

Vestry service brings with it a myriad of challenges. In 10 Mistakes Vestries Often Make, Donald Romanik lists common vestry pitfalls and ways to overcome them in order to be an effective and mission-focused team.

Language, culture and age among other things can often be roadblocks in creating a truly diverse and vibrant vestry. In Building a Diverse Vestry, Anna Olson shares her experience of intentionally gathering a group of vestry leaders who truly represent the church and community.

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Have a blessed New Year!


Charis Bhagianathan
Editor, ECF Vital Practices

This article is part of the January 2019 Vestry Papers issue on Vestry as Team