The Leader's Heart

This webinar took place on Tuesday, January 27, 2015. A recording of the presentation and the PowerPoint slides are available below.

Research derived from a range of congregations, denominational and non-denominational, has indicated that a key factor contributing to the vitality of congregations has to do with the leader's heart, with the characteristics of those who lead congregations, both clergy and laity. This webinar will discuss this research, which originated in a non-denominational mega-church (Willow Creek in suburban Chicago). In the course of our discussion, we will seek to translate this research to the Episcopal Church, to derive lessons for clergy, vestries and other lay leaders. We will seek to anchor these learnings in scripture, and share insights about how leaders can be sustained and nourished in the ministry they carry out. Presented by The Rev. Jay Sidebotham, Director of Renewal Works.

Note: ECF is working to resolve an issue with our YouTube webinar recordings. In the meanwhile, you can watch a Flash version recording by clicking here. PowerPoint Slides for "The Leader's Heart"