Year Round Stewardship

This webinar took place on Wednesday, Febaruay 11, 2015. A recording of the presentation and the PowerPoint slides are available below.

Looking to move from a basic annual appeal to a year-round, holistic theology of stewardship in your parish? How does a parish's leadership do this in easy, practical ways? What are the benefits and what can you expect for volunteer support?

In this webinar participants will receive a foundation for developing a successful year-round plan. This is specifically designed to engage donors for lifelong giving which includes: providing a contextual understanding of how and why people give to the Church, utilizing opportunities to say "thank you" as a means to educate, and connecting year-round stewardship activities to donors’ varied characteristics. Led by ECF Consultant, Erin Weber-Johnson.

PowerPoint Slides for Year Round Stewardship 02.11.15