Caring for Clergy and Congregations

This webinar took place on Thursday, February 12, 2015. The video recording and slides are available below.

The Network of Episcopal Clergy Associations (NECA) has partnered with ECF to offer a panel presentation on the difficult topic of clergy calls that end badly, not in celebration but in heartache. Panelists include: Bonnie Anderson, Dennis Fontinos, Scott Petersen, Donald Romanik, David Gortner.

Congregations will sometimes call a clergy person and realize, for a wide variety of reasons, that it is not a good fit. Oftentimes, such calls end in silence and shame for both the clergy person and congregation alike. In this webinar, we will explore the call for greater training around conflict for church leaders, ways to care for clergy and congregations who go through these experiences, and the opportunity for clergy and the congregations to give back to the wider Church through this experience.

PowerPoint Slides for NECA Caring for Clergy and Congregations 02.12.15