Blessings and Struggles of Scrappy Church Ministry

This webinar took place on Tuesday, September 22 from 7-8 PM ET. A recording of the presentation and the PowerPoint slides are available below.

Do you find yourself serving a congregation that in the face of great adversity still holds an incorruptible spirit of resilience and determination? If so, welcome to the club because you are serving a “Scrappy Church”. 

Scrappy church - not to be confused with “crappy” church - is an affectionate term for churches that find themselves in communities where the neighbors are struggling to meet basic needs. Scrappy churches often have aging buildings and are located in gritty places.

This webinar will be a place where we can share some of the best use of resources, creative way of funding the ministry (becoming a “holy hustler”), how to engage lay leaders and the local community in a collaborative ministry and most importantly, will allow participants to share the stories of grace and pain that are part of serving in communities striving to survive when all the odds are against them.

Presented by 2013 ECF Fellow Nancy Frausto, Priest-in-charge of Trinity Church, Los Angles, and Associate Rector of St. Mary’s Mariposa, Koreatown.

PowerPoint Slides for Blessings and Struggles of Scrappy Church Ministry 09.22.15