Vital Teams: Team Leadership Essentials

This webinar took place on Thursday, December 10, 2015 from 7:00-8:00PM ET.

A recording of the webinar and copy of the slides are available below.

The health and vitality of the Episcopal Church depends on the effectiveness of its lay+clergy leadership teams. In January 2014 the Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF) launched a new initiative called Vital Teams, the long-term vision of which is of an Episcopal Church where all congregations, regardless of size or budget, can receive highly effective team leadership training tailored to their specific situation.

This webinar will provide participants a glimpse of the Vital Teams 101 training curriculum, including a discussion of three areas that good teams are constantly balancing effectively: relationships, process, and results.

Relationships: How to build relationships through spiritual practices, communications styles, retreats/fellowship, in family-sized vs program sized congregations

Process: How to run a good meeting, building the agenda, consensus decision making, and facilitating conversation in meetings

Results: How to effectively create goals, accountability, and ideas for feedback

As a part of our ongoing research and study of Vital Teams, we will invite webinar participants to share their best practices and ideas around these important team leadership essentials. Please note that this webinar will provide an overview of ideas, practices, and resources, but will not be able to go into significant depth due to the one-hour time constraint of the webinar.

Presented by Ronald C. Byrd, Lead Consultant for Vital Teams, Episcopal Church Foundation.

PowerPoint Slides for Vital Teams Leadership Essentials 12.10.15