Developing a Leadership Covenant

This webinar took place on Thursday, March 10, 2016 from 7:00-8:00PM ET.

A recording of the webinar and copy of the slides are posted below.

Church leaders serve God and serve the congregation. But how can they serve one another amidst tough discussions and challenging disagreements? How can steady, faithful behavior serve as a model for the church as a whole? This hour-long webinar explores a theological understanding of “covenant” and presents strategies for developing a covenant within a vestry.

Topics covered include:
● God’s covenant with God’s people
● The difference between a contract and a covenant
● Theological and ecclesiological perspectives on covenants
● Essential steps and creating consensus This webinar will be presented by David Keck, author of Healthy Churches, Faithful Pastors: Covenant Expectations for Thriving Together. It will combine theological reflection and practical advice.

PowerPoint Slides for Developing a Leadership Covenant 03.10.16