Money – What’s It to You?

This webinar took place on Tuesday, April 4, 2017. See below for a recording and copy of the slides. 

Money – What’s it to You? How do messages from our families of origin, our culture, and our religious traditions shape our ideas about money? And how do those deeply embedded messages influence the conversations and confrontations (issues) that congregations have about budgets and finance?

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Congregations across the U.S. are facing challenges around their financial futures. The donor base is changing, as demographics and the economy cause unprecedented shifts in giving patterns. This webinar will help you to understand your own money stories and recognize how charged those stories can be. Skillful leaders are intentional about engaging others in telling their own stories. Navigating, shaping, and leading such conversations can help transform a congregation’s approach to using their money to proclaim the Gospel. Join Donald Romanik, President of the Episcopal Church Foundation, and Demi Prentiss, ECF program consultant, as they lead a conversation exploring money and what it means to congregations. To test your money personality type or tendencies, go to

(This ECF webinar is part of a series designed to help clergy and lay leaders address the economic challenges of congregational ministry in the 21stcentury and is made possible through a grant from Lilly Endowment’s National Initiative.)

PowerPoint slides for Money: What's It To You