Testing Mammon: Learning Financial Discipleship

Steven Tomlinson recently wrote an article for ECF Vital Practices to help people better understand their relationship with money. He suggested small, intentional changes to improve our money behaviors, while learning to practice financial discipleship. Make sure to check out the article here.

This webinar will build upon the ideas discussed in this article. Jesus warns that Money is God's most powerful competitor for our affection, devotion and attention, that “Mammon” becomes god for us. So, if Money were your god, how would you know? Mammon’s kingdom is based on scarcity, competition, unlimited desire and the “usefulness” of others. In faith, we believe the world just works this way. The Gospel offers us compelling countercultural possibilities, but we find it hard to believe in the Kingdom of God.

What if we tested these alternative possibilities in our behavior with money — spending, saving, getting, giving? What small experiments (risks and sacrifices that disrupt our habits with money) are we willing to try? How might such small experiments deepen our faith? Seeing how money can function as your god (how it can organize your thoughts, perception, fear and aspiration, limit your responsiveness, direct your attention, and so on) can help you move towards the more loving and liberating God revealed in Christ.

Steven Tomlinson is the Crump Visiting Professor of Pastoral Leadership at the Seminary of the Southwest and a Master Teacher at the Acton School of Business.