Faithful Investing

How does my congregation or church organization get started with socially responsible investing?

Is your parish or religous-based organization considering investing your assets in socially responsible options? Where do you find resources to assist you? Nowadays there are so many choices and options in Socially Responsible Investing for congregations to consider. Which options are best for your congregation or church organization? Join us to discuss these issues and more with a panel of experts from several denominations, all of whom have contributed to Church Publishing’s upcoming book on Socially Responsible Investing, Faithful Investing: The Power of Decisive Action and Incremental Change.

Panelists: Jim Murphy (ECF), Carsten Sierck (ECF), Greg Rousos (Presbyterian Foundation) and Kevin McGowan (Catholic Extension)

All denominations welcome!
PowerPoint slides for Faithful Investing
Denominational Resources and Foundations