January 2020
Transformative Vestries

Editor's Letter January 2020

Dear Friends,

Being a transformational vestry is a challenging goal. In your unique context it could mean trying something completely new and being prepared for resistance or failure. It could also mean seeking out myriad different and diverse voices, while embracing the messiness and discomfort that brings. In this issue, we share ideas and practices to start the year with open minds and hearts that are ever transforming, going where the Spirit is leading.

Does being on the vestry often feel overwhelming or uninspiring? In Five Ways to Become a Transformational Vestry, Donald Romanik lists ideas to make vestry service less transactional and tiresome, instead making it more transformational and fulfilling. This article is available in English and Spanish.

Diversity is a quality that vestries must seek out. In Multiculturalism: It’s Not Optional, Caleb Tabor tells us why a multicultural vestry is a requirement if we are to embody and live as Jesus’ disciples in this world.

What does it look like when a vestry puts prayer, fellowship and spiritual discernment first? In Into the Heart of God, Beth Hunt shares her experience of vestry service at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Huntersville, NC and how it’s been the most spiritually rewarding thing she’s ever done.

How can a vestry be transformational in its relationships, particularly with young people in the church? In An Open Letter to Vestry Members From a Youth Minister, Meredith Rogers appeals to church leaders to show up for their youth and children.

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Have a blessed New Year!


Charis Bhagianathan
Editor, ECF Vital Practices

This article is part of the January 2020 Vestry Papers issue on Transformative Vestries