January 2022
Transformative Tools

ECF’s Spanish Language Resources

This article is also available in Spanish here. Este artículo está disponible en español aquí.

The Episcopal Church Foundation’s (ECF) vision is a vital, inclusive, and sustainable Episcopal Church that creates steadfast followers of Jesus. And one way we live into this vision is by actively working with Latino/Hispanic leaders in our Church to create Spanish and English programs, services and resources for building up the leadership and financial capabilities of congregations engaged in Latino/Hispanic ministry. We seek to serve majority Latino/Hispanic congregations as well as congregations who are seeking to connect with the growing Latino/Hispanic population in their midst. We do not just translate materials from English, but work with native Spanish speakers to create authentic materials that reflect the life, beliefs and culture of the population appropriately.

Some of our most popular Spanish language resources are:

  • Guía de recursos para finanza, the Finance Resource Guide (SFRG), is designed for lay and clergy leaders with a wide variety of financial backgrounds and expertise – for newly ordained priests, as well as veteran parish treasurers, for those faithful parishioners who have ongoing fiduciary responsibilities, as well as newcomers who are helping to manage the financial resources of their local faith community for the very first time. It will serve as a companion piece to the Vestry Resource Guide, which is also available in Spanish. Please pre-order copies from Forward Movement.
  • Vestry Resource Guide:Whether you're a new vestry member or a seasoned veteran, the newly revised Vestry Resource Guide is essential reading. With a deliberate focus on the importance of lay and clergy leadership teams, you’ll find comprehensive information and advice about the ministry of the vestry, leading faith communities, promoting stewardship and navigating clergy transitions. To purchase a copy, call Forward Movement at 800-543-1813 or visit their website.
  • A quarterly Spanish-language email highlighting the most recent Spanish-language resources available on ECF Vital Practices.
  • An easy-to-search directory of Spanish language materials available on ECF Vital Practices
  • Quarterly webinars that bring Spanish-speaking Episcopalians from around the country and the world together on leadership and financial topics such as vestry leadership, annual stewardship, and strategic visioning and planning. Explore here.

In addition, ECF is actively building capacity in this important area. Through our partnership with a Spanish-language resource consultant, we are adapting programs and services and developing practical resources (especially cost-effective, multimedia resources) on issues pertinent to the leadership and financial challenges facing Latino/Hispanic Episcopal congregations. To learn more about these resources, or to join the quarterly email list, please contact Sandra Montes at smontes@ecf.org.


This article is part of the January 2022 Vestry Papers issue on Transformative Tools