Mission-Based Budgeting: A Loving, Liberating, Life-Giving Practice

We are on a never-ending journey of formation as communities of faith dedicated to forming disciples of Jesus Christ to participate in God’s mission of reconciliation in the world. So why shouldn’t our budgeting practices reflect and enhance our roles as stewards of a living, breathing community of disciples? Why not transform our metrics for leadership and growth from the institutional metrics of this world to the Kingdom metrics of discipleship? What would it look like to be accountable for how we resource forming new disciples, building new relationships, increasing community impact and scriptural understanding, transforming lives and growing fruits of the Spirit? How do we manage that kind of culture change in our communities of faith?

Come explore mission-based budgeting and find out. Learn from a real-life, step-by-step process you can replicate and adapt to your own context. Participants will be eligible for further one-on-one coaching, with an emphasis on becoming an ever-growing community of practice. Together, let’s start changing the conversation!

PowerPoint slides for Mission-based Budgeting

Canon Phyllis Jones was appointed COO of the Diocese of New Jersey in early 2017 after serving as the diocese’s CFO since 2010. In addition to having oversight of the finances of the diocese, she works closely with Bishop Chip Stokes to support and resource the vestries and people of their congregations in their ministries as they seek to join God in His mission throughout the diocese, Church and world. She serves on the Board of Trustees for the Association of Episcopal Deacons and was recently appointed as Treasurer for Province II.