Through All Kinds of Weather

What inspires congregations to make sound financial management a priority?

The economy moves up then down, neighborhood demographics evolve in fits and starts, communities crave new and age-old ministries and worship all at once. Therefore, continual strategic planning becomes a necessity among constantly changing leadership in our congregations. What a blessing! We are called to this role. We are both intimidated and inspired by the conversations. Yet, sometimes we get stuck or demotivated or afraid to look.

Congregations of all sizes require a system for integrating the available institutional resources with attentive and targeted diocesan support. This is the strength and opportunity that sets our Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement apart over the long term. And we are all responsible for making it work.

In this webinar, Canon Vickers shares her diocesan perspective on how sound financial management is at the core of strategic visioning. We will discuss how this approach to local financial management is proven to engage vestry leadership, equip ministries, and sustain our evolving congregations to serve our communities well into the future. Whether you are a church member or diocesan/Episcopal Church resource, this message involves you!

PowerPoint slides for Through All Kinds of Weather
Exhibit A - 2018 SWFL Benchmark Report
Exhibit B - 2018 SWFL Outreach Inspirations and Examples

Canon Anne Vickers has been the Canon for Finance and Administration of the Diocese of Southwest Florida since 2009. In that role, she leads a diocesan system of support for the 77 congregations in Southwest Florida. Over the last decade, these coordinated efforts have successfully created remarkable trends in the local financial management of congregations. As a Trustee of the Church Pension Fund, she understands the strategic challenges and varying economic and cultural environments that exist across the entire Church. Anne is driven by her passion for healthy churches with a well-functioning system of support.