DayPack: Bible Passages by Text

DayPack is a free tool from the American Bible Society that allows churches or individuals to select and schedule and then automatically send a week’s worth of Biblical passages by text message or email.  People receiving the messages must sign up first and will receive messgaes for seven days in the order scheduled.

A "pack" of Bible readings consists of the selected passages for each day, for a total of seven days.  According to the DayPack website, you can select which Bible translation you wish to use, choose the Bible passages you want to send, name the “pack”, and register. The purpose of this tool is to make it easy to use texting as a way of engaging congregants in scripture.

Some ideas for how Episcopal churches might use this tool:

  • For each day of Holy Week - Select seven Bible passages to lead parishioners through the final seven days leading up to Easter.
  • On the final seven days of an annual stewardship campaign - or any sort of campaign, for that matter.
  • As a way of staying connected to parishioners during the busy holiday season.

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