March 2020
Beyond the Red Doors

Sacred Stories and Listening

Editor's Note: This Coffee Hour at The Commons podcast is a conversation with the Reverend Jane Hale, missional priest-in-charge at Trinity Church in Brooklyn and a tri-town missional curate. Hale shares her experience of going out into her neighboring towns and practicing “sacred listening,” which she says has helped her “encounter the people and the stories that God needs me to encounter.” Find the complete podcast here and a transcript here. Below is an introduction to the Coffee Hours at The Commons podcast.

Faith meets daily life over a cup of coffee and casual conversations at Coffee Hour at The Commons, a podcast produced by the Episcopal Church in Connecticut. Much like the experience of coffee hour at a parish hall, most Coffee Hour at the Commons podcasts are conversational, with one or more guests covering a broad range of topics. Their stories show how the Holy Spirit moves through the lives and work of everyday people. Guests have included bishops and beekeepers, philanthropists and pilgrims, surfers and social media specialists, actors, archivists, and architects.

In its 6th season, with over 70 episodes, the podcast is the brainchild of Karin Hamilton, the diocese’s former Canon for Communications and Media. Alli Gannet, Karin’s partner in crime at the podcast’s inception, was the sole host after Karin retired in June 2019. Jasree Peralta joined her as co-host in Season 6.


This article is part of the March 2020 Vestry Papers issue on Beyond the Red Doors