Mapping Systemic Racism in Your Community (a rural perspective)

Systemic Racism is when a social system is structured (intentionally or unintentionally) in such a way as to systematically disadvantage a particular race or ethnic group to the advantage of another.

If nothing else, the Coronavirus pandemic has offered us undeniable evidence that systemic racism is real, teaching us that racial and ethnic minorities, and disadvantaged neighborhoods suffer far more from COVID-19 than their white counterparts.

Participating congregations will learn how to use GIS mapping (MapDash) and other resources to identify, prioritize, develop, and target ministries to engage systemic racism "hotspots" in the communities they serve.

Our focal point for this exploration of the impact of systemic racism will be Faith Lutheran Church of Bagby, Minnesota and the close by White Earth, Red Lake, and Leach Lake reservations. Representing the area will be pastor Mark Olson, along with leaders from the congregation and the reservations.

This webinar is presented in partnership with Gathering of Leaders and FaithX.

Registration Options & Costs:

  • Webinar Only – Individual: $19.95no take home resources
  • Webinar Only – Group of up 5 or more: $16.95/ea.
  • Webinar – Plus "Take Home" Resources: $79.95 - participants receive 2-page infographic Neighborhood Missional Intelligence Report on their congregation's neighborhood, plus 2 demographic maps (examples below)

Host: Ken Howard, FaithX Principal Consultant
Co-Hosts: Mary Frances & Steve Matthews, FaithX Senior Consultants
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