March 2019
Becoming Disciples

Editor's Letter March 2019

Dear Friends,

Discipleship is one of our core values at the Episcopal Church Foundation. While there are several ways to understand and approach discipleship, we define it as: a state of being; an intentional Christian commitment to baptismal living and to practices that nurture love of God and neighbor. In this issue, we bring you stories and ideas that lift up both personal discipleship journeys and ways to create a culture of discipleship in our communities.

Building up leaders who can get people moving and create a culture of discipleship in their communities requires intentional work. In Leading for Discipleship, Jay Sidebotham explains how important it is for leaders to be committed to discipleship to be able to propel their congregations forward on this important journey.

How does discipleship intersect with mission? In Transitioning to a Network of Missional Communities, John Maher shares his personal journey as a vicar, and his work with three missional communities to deepen the discipleship and mission focus of their members.

What does it take to truly be like Jesus? In What is Discipleship?, Bill Campbell explores how discipleship involves encounters with and proximity to Jesus that lead us to modelling our lives after him.

What events started you on a path to discipleship? In a deeply personal reflection, The Gift of Giving, Margarita Gomez Posada tells us about her relationship with Jesus, and how experiencing the spirituality of giving played an important role in her journey. This article is available in English and Spanish.

How can we be better disciples with regard to how we use our gifts? How can your mission be at the heart of your budget? In Mission-based Budgeting: A Loving, Liberating, Life-Giving Practice (Part 2), Phyllis Jones shares her experience in the Diocese of New Jersey and details a step-by-step process to create a mission-based budget.

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Charis Bhagianathan
Editor, ECF Vital Practices

This article is part of the March 2019 Vestry Papers issue on Becoming Disciples