November 2019
Embracing Change

Editor's Letter November 2019

Dear Friends,

We all know that change is inevitable. In the context of our spiritual lives, our church communities and our ministries, change often comes hand-in-hand with conflict that can make it even more unpalatable. In these situations, how do we begin to embrace change? In this issue, we bring you stories and ideas for tackling difficult change with positive results.

Can satisfaction be an impediment to positive change? In Satisfied Churches Don’t Change, Alissa Newton narrates a personal story of how dissatisfaction becomes a powerful way to move change forward.

In Shepherding Change, Adriane Bilous offers real stories of change, shared by participants in ECF’s Congregational Leadership Initiative program, that provide practical advice on how to tackle difficult changes in ministry.

How does change affect finances and budgeting? In Why Budget?, Bishop Diane Jardine Bruce shares two budgeting techniques to help craft budgets that are mission-aligned, but also flexible enough to accommodate changing circumstances.

Change can be deeply painful, especially when it affects our emotional and spiritual wellbeing. In Conflict and Change, Luisa Bonillas describes the impact of difficult change in her church and what she learned from the experience. This article is available in English and Spanish.

The Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF) has just released a new publication - the Finance Resource Guide (FRG), now available through Forward Movement. The FRG serves as a handbook for congregations and vestries, providing in-depth financial management practices and principles and promoting year ‘round, theologically driven stewardship. The FRG is available in both print and e-book formats. A Spanish language version is planned for release next year. To purchase a copy, please visit or call 800-543-1813. The introductory cost is $12.00 per copy.

To learn more about ECF and our programs, please visit our website.


Charis Bhagianathan
Editor, ECFVP

This article is part of the November 2019 Vestry Papers issue on Embracing Change